Malay, Muslim and Cross


I am not the first one to say this nor will I be the last. Many Muslim Malays are like the vampire. They are afraid of the Christian cross. They are too paranoid of having or seeing a cross near them. I remember someone complained that there’s a cross on top of the church…really guys?! Really!

I guess this paranoia stem from the fear of being “convert” into religion other than Islam by some non-Muslim agenda and agency just like the story passed down from generation to generation. Seriously, if you are afraid that you suddenly “convert” into other religion due to a small symbol, it screams a lot of how weak your iman (faith) is.

From the way I see it, this issue has created some tension between the Muslim and non-Muslim in Malaysia. Let me tell you this, here in UMN-TC, us Muslim sometimes conduct our Friday solat (prayer) in a church.

You read that right. We did our solat in the church.

It is not because all of us are convert or what so ever. It is because the relationship between the Muslim community and the Christian community are so close that most of the time, we help each other. The Muslims will help to clean their church and the church community will participate in our events and provide us a place to pray whenever there is no place for us to conduct our Friday prayer.

We look more into our similarity than our differences and we work together to create peace and harmony.

In the end, I guess since Islam is a minority here in the USA, it is a bit outside of our comfort zone compare to other Muslim nation. We are challenged with many tests in our daily life, so a mere cross won’t affect us any longer.

By Amar Hasshim


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